Department Description
The following diagnostic testing is available:

  • Computed Tomography: Routine spine and head CT scans, post-myelogram CT, and post-discogram CT scans are performed.
  • X-Ray: Routine x-rays are performed.
  • CPT: Sensory Nerve Testing (Current Perception Threshold) is performed to assess sensory nerve damage/disease.
  • DEXA: Scans are performed to assess bone density.
  • Electrocardiograms: EKGs.

MRI Studies
If the MRI facility gives you a disc with your MRI on it, please bring it to your next appointment so that the study can be reviewed by the physician. At the end of your appointment, please remember to take your disc with you.

Imaging Reports and Copies of your Study
Please call ahead to Medical Records at ext.253. You will need to submit a Medical Records Release / Request of Information before you can receive your report. Please remember that results can take several business days, depending on the type of diagnostic exam. A CD can be made of your exam if another physician needs to review it.

The diagnostic staff does not give out test results to patients. Your physician will inform you of your testing results at your next scheduled visit.